Growing Pet Industry Trends We Love

Owning a dog comes with the challenge of sifting through dozens of products to find the ones that are right for your dog. There are all sorts of products out there from what kind of equipment to use when walking your dog, to what crate to get, all the way to what food to buy. Today we’re highlighting some recently growing pet industry trends we love. This is not to say you HAVE to buy these products, however if you are looking at getting your pup something new or looking for ideas for safety products there may be something in here for you! Check out the list below of 4 recent growing pet industry trends, you just might find something you love too.

Electronic Pet Tracking Devices

More and more we’re seeing various pet tracking device products take flight.  You can go as simple as an Apple Airtag and get a sleeve designed for dog collars to hold it.  Amazon and Etsy are also offering sources for personalized Airtag Holders so you can add your dog’s name or a phone number too.  Replacing the need for a traditional dog tag as this does a double duty job: stating your dog’s name and your phone number, AND tracking your dog for you. 

There are other companies creating products for this purpose too.  Fi is a very popular brand of smart collar.  They advertise themselves as an “Airtag + GPS.“  Airtags use the proximity of Smartphones to track objects.  If your dog is not within 200 feet of a Smartphone,  the Airtag system won’t be able to find them. Airtags do not have GPS or LTE to function independently. Without a cell phone around they can’t locate anything.  It also has added features to track steps, sleep monitoring, and features to help come up with health plans to assist in keeping your pup in shape. 

We love products like these trackers because they can help you keep your pup safe. If you’ve got a dog who’s a bit of a flight risk or perhaps if you travel with them a lot, it can be amazing for peace of mind. 

Suggested Products:

Car Safety Restraints

There is definitely an increase in people investing in vehicle restraints for their dogs. There are so many different kinds to pick depending on your dog and his needs.  The simplest kind is a short leash that can clip onto your dog’s regular harness and buckles into your car’s seat belt buckle.  There are harnesses that are designed for vehicle safety, and for the little tikes, and there are even little seats designed for vehicle safety. Many people with SUVs or trucks secure a dog crate(s) in their vehicle for optimum safety as well. This trend definitely gets a huge thumbs up from us.  Giving your dog the best chance at safely coming out of an accident is always a plus. 

If you are going to invest in a product designed for car safety for your dog, I always recommend looking for a product that’s been crash tested.  If you are already spending the money on it, why not get one that you know works the best it can rather than one that “might” work. CAUTION: TO AVOID CHOKING OR INJURY ALWAYS USE A CAR RESTRAINT WITH A HARNESS, NEVER A COLLAR

CBD Products

According to the American Kennel Club, ⅓ of dog owners in 2021-2022 purchased some type of CBD product for their pup. CBD can be beneficial for many different dogs, from pups with a little bit of anxiety going in the car or to the vet to dogs with joint or other health pain. CBD is a simple and natural way you can relieve their pain or anxiety without needing to dish out the money for anxiety meds. 

There are SO many different types and brands that would require an article all to itself.  So I’ll just link one that has been recommended to me by a friend. 

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Dog Crates/Kennels

As positive reinforcement trainers we are obviously so thrilled to hear that half of all homes are welcoming dog crates. Crating your dog is a good prevention method and can help your dog with separation anxiety and potty training. As long as it’s used in a positive manner and your dog feels safe in his crate, crating can have amazing results. 

There are many different types of crates. If you are starting with a puppy or don’t know how your dog will respond to a crate, I’d start with a metal wire crate or a “sky” or domed crate. If your dog is crate trained already and you know he won’t escape you could opt for a soft crate, I use these for my dogs because they are so much easier to travel with and are a little homier. 

Suggested Products:

In Conclusion – Growing Pet Industry Trends We Love

You don’t always need to get something that is a growing pet industry trend.  However, when it comes to safety and health I love to keep updated with what’s working for other pet owners, so I can assess if it might work well for my pup (or a client’s pup) too. Things in this world are ever changing for the better, so stay updated on new products that just might be the solution for your dog. 

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