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Rio Rancho Dog Training

Looking for help curbing that puppy nipping, or teaching an old dog new tricks? At Good Buddy Dog Training, we have services for everyone, from those newest pups learning the most basic skills to those older dogs learning more advanced skills. Learn more about our services below.

Puppy Training in

Rio Rancho

It’s never too soon to start training your new puppy. Owners and puppies that train together have a stronger bond and more fun interacting with others. Puppy training is an eight-week, in-home training program for puppies between the ages of 10-20 weeks old. Puppy training includes basic skills training like house training, curbing nipping, biting, and chewing, getting ready to go on a walk, and more.

Adult Dog Training in

Rio Rancho

From five months on, a dog is a great candidate for adult dog training. This eight-week, in-home program consists of ten skills every dog should know, plus any individual issues your dog may have. We also teach owners how to be better leaders, communicators, and motivators for their dogs.

Advanced Dog Training in Rio Rancho

Your dog has mastered the basic skills, so what now? Advanced dog training is highly customized to meet your needs. It includes training sessions in public spaces (like parks, trails, and stores that allow dogs). And, it can involve trick training or any other specific skills you’d like to focus on.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Al Cothern

Jun 16, 2021

Paul is an excellent trainer and was a pleasure to work with. We have had a lot of success training our German Shepherd puppy thanks to his help.

Julie Harrigan

May 19, 2021

Paul is a fantastic trainer! He's personable and easy to work with. This is the second time we've hired him to train our dogs as it's amazing how quickly we've seen results and our pups just love him!

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