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Start teaching your new puppy the ten behaviors all dogs should know. We start puppy training as early as 10 weeks to teach those fundamentals.

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About Puppy Training

It’s an honor to help strengthen the bond between pet and owner.


May 19, 2021

We acquired two puppies and wanted help teaching them the basics fairly young. We started training right away. They are now 23 weeks and doing well. [Paul] helped us pass the nippy stage and also helped acclimate our young child to the dogs and built confidence. Paul was very easy going and loaded with information and tips when it comes to multi-dog homes.

Al Cothern

June 16, 2021

Paul is an excellent trainer and was a pleasure to work with. We have had a lot of success training our German Shepherd puppy thanks to his help.

Puppy Training in Rio Rancho

Everyone loves a new puppy! But that honeymoon phase can fade quickly between house training, being up in the night, and the nipping and chewing. Good Buddy Dog Training can help!

Why Invest in Puppy Training?

Puppy training is an investment, and perhaps the most worthwhile one you can make for the new addition to your family. It’s so much easier to start a dog off right with the behaviors you want them to know, than to have to retrain them later. You have the privilege of adding a valuable member to your family when you get a puppy. Make your relationship as healthy and happy as it can be!

What Does Puppy Training Involve?

Puppy training is a 6-week course, teaching the essential skills any dog should know. Imagine having a puppy that is well behaved when people come to the door, can go on a walk and have it be pleasant, and doesn’t destroy the furniture. That’s the goal! While outcomes depend on how much owners commit to practicing with their puppy, we expect that a dog can complete each skill, every time, in a controlled environment by the end of the session.

How Will Puppy Training Work?

Our trainer will come to your home for six weeks to work through the curriculum with you and your puppy. We base the methodology on the science of how dogs learn by using a positive and fun curriculum to build confidence in both dog and owner. We will only use positive reinforcement methods. And each training is customizable. So if there are skills on our list that you aren’t interested in, we prioritize the skills that are most important to you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do I need to practice with my puppy?

You will get out of your puppy training what you are able to put into it. So we recommend trying to work on skills for five minutes, three times a day. This is a doable commitment, and the repetition is key!

What training methods do you use?

At Good Buddy Dog Training, we only use positive-based training. We don’t believe in shock collars, prong collars, or other negative behavior correction. We want the training process to be fun for both the dog and its owner.

Do you have any guarantees?

Because the program outcomes are truly based on the relationship with the owner and the dog, I can’t make any guarantees. I give you all the tools you need to be successful, and it’s up to you to reinforce with practice outside of our times together. I also have great success with almost every dog, but I am not a behaviorist. So, if your dog exhibits aggressive behavior, it’s possible that I would refer you to another specialist.

Is paying a professional dog trainer really worth it?

Only you can determine what is “worth it” or not. We can tell you that it’s only worth what the owner is willing to put into it. Our mission is to help build the bond between dogs and their owners through positive training methods, so owner involvement is crucial. And we can help bring peace to your home and the joy of having a pet that maybe wasn’t there before.

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