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We know you love your dog. But you might not love all their behaviors.

Let’s work on that together!

What Our Customers Are Saying

About Adult Dog Training

Your dog is a valuable member of your home. It’s an honor to help you grow together.

Shelley S.

Jun 16, 2021

Paul was wonderful! Our Great Danes loved him! Paul was patient and explained everything so we would not only understand what to do, but why we were doing it. He also gave us some great suggestions above and beyond what was required of what he was hired to do. Very much appreciated! He worked around our busy schedule to accommodate us. We highly recommend his services. Gentle positive training techniques.

Ron Richman

Aug 10, 2019

Clearly, Paul, loves dogs, his training worked with 2 totally different personalities. One a large Labrador that had been "caged" most of his life and the other a medium size Shephard mix, that was frightened by most people. Although still not ready for prime time, these dogs responded well and are now "good Citizens".

Adult Dog Training in Rio Rancho

Your dog is a treasured member of your family. But some of their behaviors might be less than desirable. From the dog that is impossible to walk to the one that loses their mind when the doorbell rings, there is hope for every dog!

Why Invest in Adult Dog Training?

Dog training is an investment, and perhaps the most worthwhile one you can make for the furry friends in your life. It’s easy to love your dog, but if you’re honest, you probably don’t love all of their behaviors. Imagine a world where your dog was pleasant to take on a walk, or didn’t jump on guests when they come to the door. Imagine a world where your dog did what you asked them to do every single time. That’s what Good Buddy Dog Training can provide.

What Does Adult Dog Training Involve?

Adult dog training is a 6-week course, teaching the essential skills any dog should know. Or, if you have specific behaviors you want to highlight, we will work on those too. While outcomes depend on how much owners commit to practicing with their dog, we expect that a dog can complete each skill, every time, in a controlled environment by the end of the session.

How Does Dog Training Work?

Our trainer will come to your home for six weeks to work through the curriculum with you and your dog. We base the methodology on the science of how dogs learn by using a positive and fun curriculum to build confidence in both dog and owner. We will only use positive reinforcement methods. And, if your dog masters these skills and you still want more, we offer advanced dog training to move onto skills outside the home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is paying a professional dog trainer really worth it?

Only you can determine what is “worth it” or not. We can tell you that it’s only worth what the owner is willing to put into it. Our mission is to help build the bond between dogs and their owners through positive training methods, so owner involvement is crucial. And we can help bring peace to your home and the joy of having a pet that maybe wasn’t there before.

What are people saying about pet training in Rio Rancho?

We’re proud to say we have 50+ 5-star reviews on Google, and that’s because we care very much about making sure people have an excellent experience with their training. While there are other people out there you can hire for dog training in the area, we hope our track record speaks for itself.

Do you have any guarantees?

Because the program outcomes are truly based on the relationship with the owner and the dog, I can’t make any guarantees. I give you all the tools you need to be successful, and it’s up to you to reinforce with practice outside of our times together. I also have great success with almost every dog, but I am not a behaviorist. So, if your dog exhibits aggressive behavior, it’s possible that I would refer you to another specialist.

How often do I need to practice with my dog?

You will get out of your dog training what you are able to put into it. So we recommend trying to work on skills for five minutes a day, three times a day. This is a doable commitment, and the repetition is key!

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