5 Common Questions About Walking Dogs on Leash

1. Why does my dog pull on the leash?

Because you follow them. Your dog learns that this does get positive results when you follow them so why would they stop? Stop walking the direction they pull and walk the opposite direction, give a food lure for them following you. 

2. Why does my dog walk in front of me and stop on leash?

Because they haven’t been taught not to walk in front and stop. Like toddlers, they’ll repeat the same frustrating thing until you teach them to do something else. You can teach them to back up into a heel position or do a circle around you back into the heel position to correct this and give them a place to walk. Teach these skills by using a food lure and rewarding them when they are in the correct position. 

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3. Why does my dog bite the leash when walking?

Dogs bite the leash when it’s attached because they want to play. They may think the leash is like a rope toy and are trying to play tug-of-war with you, or they may be frustrated that when the leash goes on all fun stops. Bring treats with you on your walk and practice walking a short distance asking them to focus on you. This will bring their head and attention up to you and when they are rewarded, they will be less focused on playing with the leash.

4. Why does my dog run away from the leash and/or walking gear when I bring it out for walks?

Because they’ve learned negative things happen when the leash is on. This could mean something from their past (if they were a shelter rescue), or this could be when the leash is on, they go in the car and the car may be scary to them. Teach them that their favorite things happen with the leash by giving treats when it’s brought out and put on, and by going on fun walks or playing with toys together when it’s on.

5. Why does my dog bark at other dogs, but not when off leash?

Reactivity on leash can be for multiple reasons, but if your dog only barks at other dogs on leash and interacts well off leash then it may be because they want to play, and the leash prevents that. This basically just means your dog is having leash frustration. They don’t understand why they can’t greet every dog when on leash. Teach them to look at you when they see a dog while on leash by giving a food reward for redirecting their attention to you.

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