Paul Falardeau started Good Buddy Dog Training in 2018, offering several training programs for puppies and adult dogs. And his business was such a success that now, Falardeau recently hired another full-time trainer and is expanding his service area to include the greater Albuquerque area.

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Falardeau shared that during COVID, there were a lot of dogs purchased and adopted that never got the training and socialization they needed. Of course, this was just a side effect of the fact that people were staying home and limiting their exposure to others.

What that means for Good Buddy now is that there is an influx of people looking for one-on-one dog training in the Albuquerque area. Falardeau rose to the demand by doubling his capacity, and hiring another full-time dog trainer, Amy Rudd. Rudd shared,

“I’m excited about working with dogs and their owners one-on-one and the opportunity to really be able to personalize their training. Group dog training is good for socialization, but it doesn’t actually help many dogs learn the skills they need. One-on-one training is much better for that.”

Rudd’s interest in training dogs goes back to her teenage years when she took her first dog training class at age 13. After high school, Rudd went to Animal Behavior College to become a professional dog trainer and, in the years since, has worked with many different dogs, including many shelter dogs. She spent over five years training service dogs as well. 

While Falardeau previously focused most of his efforts serving Rio Rancho dog owners, having Rudd on the team will allow Good Buddy Dog Training to help more pets and their owners in Albuquerque as well.

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