My Dog Won’t Go Pee in the Rain

Whenever it’s raining… or snowing… or when the ground is damp… or sometimes even just on a really chilly day, my dog WILL NOT to go pee outside. While I somewhat get it (I also wouldn’t want to go pee in the rain outside), it’s also just a frustrating inconvenience. I’ve had to clean up many accidents inside my home connected back to my dog just refusing to go pee in the rain. If you are reading this article, your dog is probably struggling with the same issue. What am I supposed to do? I can’t just leave him outside in the cold. First, he definitely still will not pee.  Second, I don’t want him to freeze outside.  Third, it could break the bond we have together by making him feel he’s being punished.

Things I’ve tried that have been successful to get my dog to go pee in the rain


I have a yard, but when I send my dog outside to pee he curls up by the back door giving me sad puppy eyes crying till I let him in. So I started putting his leash on him and walking him to a nearby patch of grass or by a tree. This gets him to go number 1, most times, and after lots of consistency with this method he’ll even go number 2. I recommend using a leash, not only to make sure you have a safety measure for your dog but it allows you some control. A way to keep him from planting his butt at the front door and not budging. 

  • Try a raincoat or little booties for your dog to help keep him dry. This may make the task less daunting for some pups, but boots will take some training for your dog to accept. 
  • Try bringing an umbrella for your pup, this has worked somewhat for my own dog. If it’s raining pretty hard, your dog is not going to want to get outside to be drenched and relieving their bowels will not be on the top of their “to do” list. 

Astroturf or Grass

Knowing what textures your dog is more comfortable with can help you in making sure he has the best chance at peeing when uncomfortable weather rolls in. For my dog, it’s grass or astroturf…neither of which I have of course. My yard has cement, dirt, and rocks in it. There is one bush but my dog isn’t a big fan of it. So I will take him on a walk in my neighborhood till we find grass. I visit my mom regularly too and she has astroturf. My dog will go in her backyard on the turf. 

  • Get a sample size of astroturf or a grass pad to keep in your yard or outside area, take your dog there when it’s dry outside and reward after he eliminates. Do this repeatedly. Once it’s raining and you have to do it, keep your routine the same and give an extra special treat for him peeing on the turf in the rain. 
  • Feed your dog on wet grass. The exposure to wet grass (not currently raining or snowing but just wet) in combination with food and him wanting to eat can help him learn it’s not so terrible and that he can stand on wet grass for a period of time when needed. You can also try this with rocks or cement (not recommended on dirt as he could get fairly muddy and the texture is way different). 

Covered Area

If you are lucky enough to have a covered porch (front or back) or can go somewhere fairly close by that’s covered, your dog might just be willing to go under one of these protected spots. The ground may still be wet but it will protect him from the actual rain from above. 

  • Put an easy up or some kind of covered shelter in your yard when you know the weather may change. Take your dog there to get him used to going under the shelter and then when it rains this may help him be able to go without the fight. 

Other things

  • Wait till your dog really needs to go. You’ll have better success taking him for a potty run. 
  • Teach a potty command. I tell my dog “Go Mr Poops”, he understands that to mean he HAS to go. I’ve also added a countdown from 5, so my dog knows he only has that much time left to dawdle or pee before we go back inside. 
  • Reward your dog for going on the wet ground or when it’s raining out. You want him to know again that this isn’t some kind of punishment but that he’ll get a treat for doing this hard task. 

In Conclusion: My Dog Won’t Go Pee in the Rain

Be patient. I’m saying this to myself as much as I am to you. A dog that won’t go pee in the rain can be frustrating. Make sure you aren’t upset when you are working with him on this issue. He can tell when you are frustrated and it oftentimes makes things worse. The best thing you can do is approach the issue with positivity and reinforce every good step he makes. Find the solution that works best for your dog and roll with it. 

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