Dog Door Dashing

Dog door dashing refers to a dog who tends to bolt out of open doors to get outside. Dog door dashing is a particularly dangerous habit for your dog to have as if they run out onto a street they could be in danger or get lost. It’s important to prioritize helping your dog to get the training they need in order to give them impulse control skills. 

Reasons for Dog Door Dashing

Dog door dashing may happen for different reasons.

Pent up energy; dogs who are kept inside a lot of the day and don’t get a chance to play or exercise can be a huge motivator to run out the door.

The thrill; for a dog who may have wandered out on accident the first time they may be now motivated by the adrenaline of the experience, new things to smell, the fun of being chased, etc.

For any of these reasons, play mental stimulation games with your dog, take them on walks or runs, play fetch or with their favorite toy in the yard. Making the home and being with you a more exciting and fun experience is the first step to ensuring dog door dashing is not a problem when the door is open. 

Steps to Train Your Dog From Door Dashing

  1. You’ll want to have a long leash attached to your pup during this training. We’re not going to prevent them with the leash from actually bolting, but this will help you keep control of your dog if they do make it outside.
  2. Start by opening the door, not all the way but just a crack. If your dog gets up and moves towards it, close the door (make sure not to close it on the dog!). If when you open the door a little your dog stays at your side in a controlled position for 10 – 15 seconds, say “good” or “yes” to mark the correct behavior and give them a food reward.
  3. Repeat the process multiple times. Once your dog begins to understand and master it, start opening the door wider and wider each time. Make sure you close the door before giving the reward.
  4. You can now move to being on the outside of the door coming in towards your dog. Your dog should not cross the threshold when you open the door. Reward them for staying as the door is open, then you can move towards rewarding once you’ve entered the home.
  5. Repeat the process multiple times. Once your dog begins to master this next level, start opening the door all the way and backing away from the door (make sure the long leash is in your hand or tethered to something sturdy inside). If they bolt out, grab the leash and calmly guide them back inside with a food lure. Close the door and reward them for being inside. Repeat this step until you can back away without them dashing out the door.
  6. Start walking with them through the doorway (keep them attached to a leash). They should sit before walking through the door, and again once outside the door (this just helps them maintain their excitement and the impulse to run). When you walk up to the doorway we want them not to walk through until you give them a release word like “ok”. So when you open the door if they pull towards it, close the door and start over. Once you are at the threshold give the “ok” then walk with them through the door, remember to place them in the sit.

Dog door dashing is a serious safety issue. If you need any help with stopping your dog from door dashing, or any other training concern, Good Buddy can help you. Please feel free to click here to schedule an in-home evaluation with one of our Certified Dog Trainers.

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